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  • Learnt from : lcdst7789_flip() @ lcd_st7789_8bit.c

    doublebuffered = flip using LCD itself (uses the scroll feature halfway)
    80x80 and 120x120 = are using offscreen buffer, so uses RAM. And Blit function. That is why getPixel works, because we can read from memory.
    80x80 has an upscale of 3?
    120x120 has an upscale of 2.
    direct = unbuffered.

    Could you make the documentation a little bit more nooby friendly, explicit on these terms and what the tradeoffs are?

    So the mystery remains, why doesn't 'terminal' work with the doublebuffered mode. Ah i guess that the terminal is using something similar to the Notify module. Perhaps it even uses the scroll feature, most likely.


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