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  • @JumJum,

    thank for the pictures... smart simple very space resourceful solution for the governor that controls the speed of the dial: reverse worm gear instead of small and large cog wheel.

    Do you notice irregularity in the rotation of the cam?

    Did you think of cleaning the contacts? And check the wire and (clean) other contacts in the circuit? I assume you already wend down that lane... Worst cace, get a micro switch or optical gate and catch the signal totally independent of the phone wiring.

    'Related' question: what do you do for hand set (microphone and ear piece)?

    Looking forward to your solution. I have some phone hardware laying around for a while now. When the project was hot and I had ordered as A6C Quad Band on a breakout board, I got instead sent just the module... and by the time the other options arrived, the need was not pressing anymore, so the stuff still 'waits' for some time to squash - squander? - The A6C then arrived w/ a camera w/ flash, and the SIM800L is with PCB antenna.

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