• Well, try this

    • rx (D29) on Puck get's connected to tx on FT232R

    • tx (D28)on Puck get's connected to rc on FT232R

    • 3V on Puck to 3V3 on FT232R

    • GND to GND

    Hint: remove the battery :) so you can connect 3V3 to boot

    Hope this helps and you get the serial working.

  • Well, I got a little closer messing with it last night...

    First off -- this has all been with the battery removed. I was like "Oh? I can test this without spending battery at all? Yes please." :D

    Now... what I got working was: I could receive data in the puck FROM the terminal.

    I could not, however, get output from the puck to show up on the terminal. At all.

    I assumed maybe I had a bad soldering job or something, but when I flipped the TX/RX pin connections and in the .setup() call... I could receive terminal input!

    So... both of the connections seem solid.

    Then I noticed on the FT232R, it's got TX and RX lights that fire up when data transmits over the respective channel.

    Nothing I did could get the lights to blink when sending output to the console. Serial1.print(), Serial1.println()... none of it seemed to trigger actual outgoing data.

    I believe I tested swaping the TX/RX pins as well.

    Tonight I'll grab a different FT232R and do some more testing.


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