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  • What baud rate are you connecting with? You'll need 9600 baud (the default).

    The best way to test is when connected with Bluetooth you can run the commands:


    So you can see if any data is being received and can try pushing data.

    As @MaBe says you'll need to apply power to the puck while it is connected to the FT232R (which is plugged into USB). Enabling the Serial port uses quite a bit of battery power so Puck.js only does it when it's sure there is a connection.

    Or you can also try enabling it manually with:

  • I'm using the defaults when I pick the device in Serial2, I think it's something like 9600,8,N,1 ? I can check tonight to be sure, but I know I was using at least 9600 baud, 8 bits, and no parity.

    I'll have to try the first script set you gave me later tonight as well, but I did try Serial1.println("blah") and got nothing.







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