• I needed the ability to monitor, update and execute code remotely on my Espruino Wifi so I built a little module to help with that. It gives you the ability to do the following from your web browser without being physically near your device.


    • Get & set variables on your Espruino
    • Execute functions on your Espruino, passing in parameters and getting return values
    • Execute new code or overwriting existing code on your Espruino
    • Listen for events on your Espruino
    • Setup watchers to monitor variables & functions on your Espruino
    • Monitor the connection status of your Espruino
    • Rebooting your Espruino

    The repo and readme's are at:

    Don't worry about having to setup a websocket server either, I have a public one running for fellow Espruino users who want to play around. :)

    If you need any of that functionality I hope it helps you out.


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