• Hi,
    I have a PuckJS 2 with 2v06 and a PN532 NFC v3 module from Elechouse, connected as follows:

    Puck.js_D28 to PN532_SCL,
    Puck.js_D29 to PN532_SDA,
    Puck.js_3V to PN532_VCC,
    Puck.js_GND to PN532_GND,

    Puck.js works fine and the red LED on the PN532 is also active.
    Actually I use the Espruino Web Ide Tool, so:
    1) I wrote the require("PN532"); on the right side;
    2) sent with "Send to Espruino button" - the loading was OK (screen refreshed);
    3) I tried to run it as described in the example for PN532 ( scl:B6 and sda:B6 changed to D28 and D29 );

    I see now the following on the web console:
    2v06 (c) 2019 G.Williams

    I2C1.setup({scl:28, sda:29});
    var nfc = require("PN532").connect(I2C1);
    i2c: I2C1
    Uncaught InternalError: I2C Write Error 33281
    at line 1 col 172


    in function "cmd" called from line 1 col 22
    var a=this.cmd([2],12);return{chip:"PN5"+a[2­].toString(16),f...


    in function "getVersion" called from line 1 col 22



    Can somebody help me, what could be the problem?
    Thank you!

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