• Hi Banglers,

    I received my watch almost 3 weeks ago and I have been playing with it on my free time, first task was to setup the watch to meet my personal requirements, after that, I decided to read more about how to do programming with JavaScript and BangleJS, I'm new on both so...
    After a few days struggling I finally understood how everything works, how a new app can be created and ready to be installed in my watch.
    To minimize the development time, and yes, that's why we're using Open Source software, I took the liberty to copy-paste and modify the Pong's code, slightly :P, to be transformed in a BreakOut clone (thanks Frederic).
    It's not 100% ready for primetime (need to destroy the bricks), but I see progress, still, needs more work and I do it when I have time.
    If you want to look at it and have your eyes covered with blood

    Go to my personal REPO and behold "the BrickBreaker"!
    Isra-El awesome repo
    You have been warned, proceed by your own risk...

    On a serious tone, I forgot to comment that I couldn't found a place in the Forums for "BangleJS projects" in progress, there is one but I think is more hardware oriented and not sure where can we know that someone is working on something that maybe we're working on, i.e. is there any other BreakOut effort?

    Thank you for your time reading this


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