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  • @allObjects - Ok, off-topic.

    We seem to have a similar 'senior' background, I started decades ago with the Intel's like 8080/Z80,80x86 then moved to AVR-Arduino, in the last years ESP8266/ESp32.

    Really love the ESP's for their Wifi connection. It runs Arduino, Micropython and Espruino. Nothing else needed........ EXCEPT for wearables... they're power hungry beasts

    Just for fun I bought an NRF52832 development board to dable with BLE. Tried Arduino (works fine), Micropython (so,so) and Espruino.

    Was to lazy to solder a TFT display tot the NRF52832 so I'm using Bangle now. Considering my background Javascript is little "quirky" but the help from the forum I'm getting there. Also great info on NRF52832 on gitter here if you're interested in the hard-core details :­smart-watch/Lobby

    There's 1 thing I miss in Bangle/Espruino : a Wifi connection!! My Bangle App is "done" but it needs feeding data from the internet. So I'm testing tools on Raspberry that function as a bridge between the internet and the Bangle. Exciting timings :-)

    All in all, @Gordon is doing a tremendous job!

    Cheers, see you!


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