• @gerardwr, glad to hear that. In deed, it IS an experience... quite different from what MCs were for decades. Having started out with MPs 8085/Z80/Z80/6502/68XX/68K and briefly (now defunct) Ubicon SX for control I liked very much the advent of Arduino, but before I really sunk my teeth into it, I came across Espruino and in less than a blink of an eye I dropped my H and $ investment in Arduino and moved on with Espruino. For certain things though I ran into limits, some of which can be overcome using compiled JS and inline C, and some other that require really dedicated, low level coded hardware is needed to do time sensitive things with strict tolerances, repetitive and over a longer time. For those things dedicated atTiny versions do just fine that receive commands from Espruino and return interrupts / values. For most part though I can stay in JS layer. And that makes it really fun.


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