• Thank you for your reply Gordon,

    I did add the bit to the rules in Ubuntu. I've been observing for a week now and things are changing. I suspect that the connection with the breadboard might be at fault because when I move it sometimes the screen goes blurred and it has restarted once.
    All has been well for a few days now and I've changed out a couple of batteries and left a couple in.
    There is now a "2" on the bottom row under some of the batteries, so that appears to be working.
    I've taken some photos of the screen as things have changed.
    Some of the batteries I've tried are very old and neglected, so perhaps that's another reason for strange results. I've had one type of battery reducing in voltage when on charge over a couple of days.
    While it has been working I've not dared to connect it to my computer to see what happens.

    Thanks for your help on this.

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