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  • Ok, perfect. You can reproduce it just by occupying Espruino for a while and connecting to another Espruino that outputs data over BLE UART:

    var gatt;
    NRF.connect("fc:cc:b8:22:b0:42 random").then(function(g) {
      gatt = g;
      return gatt.getPrimaryService("6e400001-b5a3-f3­93-e0a9-e50e24dcca9e");
    }).then(function(service) {
      return service.getCharacteristic("6e400003-b5a3­-f393-e0a9-e50e24dcca9e");
    }).then(function(characteristic) {
      characteristic.on('characteristicvaluech­anged', function(event) {
        console.log("RX: "+JSON.stringify(E.toString(­.value.buffer)));
      return characteristic.startNotifications();
    }).then(function() {
    setInterval(function() {
      for (var i=0;i<1000;i++);

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