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  • It is easy to reproduce if you have an iPhone! Seriously though, when first connected, ANCS sends a stream of the outstanding notifications and they have sequence numbers so it’s easy to see that messages are overwritten. Android also can send up to 6 packets per interval so you it should be possible to reproduce using Android. Not sure if nRF connect has the facility to quickly repeat notifications.

    I plan to experiment by creating cloned versions of the two queueing routines involved that do not use interruptOff and interruptOn and use these in the notification handler. I will let you know the result. The situation with notifications is fairly unique I think as usually interruptOn is only called after an event is queued and you are more or less finished with the IRQ. For reads of course, these are request response and the multiple message per interval probably does not happen.

    Is there an easy way to look at the contents of the IO event queue without using a Jlink debugger etc?


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