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  • are you stuck quarantined as we are for the next few weeks

    Yes, I am, as in lockdown situation, I am sitting home all the time.

    should we need to comm back-n-forth quickly

    Sounds like a plan with only catch that I don't check forum posts regularly. Would miss the notification. Gitter mobile app push a message notification as someone will messaged me. But I am good both week and weekend options.

    As this is posted beneath other boards, may I inquire which one
    yes of course!! This is cheap chinese fitness tracker, with

    1. nrf52832
    2. with stock bootloader (SDK11 SoftDevice v 132 v2.0.0)
    3. KX022 Accelerator , Si114x HR, IQS263 touch screen sensor, 8 Mbit SPI flash, 128x64 OLED

    I am able to flash espruino latest (build on my own, for new board file, and nordic SDK11 libs), a github repository is setup (which is not in a good shape yet) to protect ongoing work.

    I also have BangleJS to compare the compiler result on need basis.


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