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  • Okay, six hours apart including DST, just ate lunch, your day is about over. I'll plan on an earlier morning start, should we need to comm back-n-forth quickly. Are weekends better, or are you stuck quarantined as we are for the next few weeks?

    As this is posted beneath other boards, may I inquire which one? I had basically the same issue(s) using the STM32 and what seems worse with the nRF52. My need is to resolve with the nRF52 for a project requiring BLE, but will work on a tutorial over the next many months for both devices.

    'I am also available on gitter'

    Thanks for that, but I'd like to keep things simpler right now, and any detail either of us uncover will be extremely helpful in correcting what is going on, or finding a suitable solution or work around. Posting here will leave a record that is easily accessed. It might make sense to create a new thread for each new issue, although I feel you'll probably encounter every stumbling block ;-) I did over the last few months, and likely in the same order, so continuing here is fine by me.


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