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  • Tue 2020.04.21

    Hi @Abhigkar I feel somewhat vindicated as I have been experiencing the exact issues, doing nearly the exact task as described. If you check out the last five threads (click on @Robin profile and search conversations) I started over six weeks ago, you'll see basically the same. Here is one that will provide some insight.

    Technique needed to notify of low memory

    While still trying to track down, just to understand what is going on, I am able to answer some observations I've seen.

    'setWatch on a Pin which is toggling very fast'

    Within your project, what is:
    Duration between pulse leading edges :: freq?
    Width of pulse?
    How many (besides the attempt to stop L3) pulses?

    It is likely a buffer is overflowing as the amount of data a setWatch can capture is around 100 bytes. (but I see you are not using the 'data' property) See one of my threads from over six months ago. Memory fills up, then the device locks up with a myriad ~(five or so) of possible errors, the Ctrl+C being one of them.

    Have been working on an attempt to gate the inbound pulses, but keep getting distracted trying to understand why memory ~400JsVars just vanishes. Also very likely a similar situation to what you are experiencing. That has been quite an undertaking also. My last thread regarding trace() might provide some insight also, and will be updating that later today with another round of discoveries on what might be going on.

    May I ask where are you located, Time Zone/Country so that I may stay glued to the forum during the same time to exchange ideas quicker? I'm in the midwest USA, CST. (-5 GMT) + DST


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