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  • I implemented the hack suggested by Gordon in the firmware for a Puck.js and it does work, however, after some experimentation, I have realised that while interesting - it is not necessary!

    Essentially, after getting the address of the iPhone using NRF.on("connect",function(addr){}), you can get a connected BluetoothRemoteGATTServer object using NRF.connect(addr). This causes a disconnect event with reason 8, however, the method returns a connected object that can then be used for bonding. I was able to discover this as I connected the REPL to the physical Puck UART and could thus interrogate objects while bluetooth was connected to the iPhone.

    So, I have now been able to get the iPhone notifications on the Bangle without any firmware changes. The only issue with this method is that the startBonding() method promise is fulfilled before bonding is actually complete. This can be solved by waiting a bit and checking the security status too ensure the connection is encrypted.


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