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  • In other words, the iPhone initiates the connection and also provide the ANCS service.

    Wow, you're totally sure about this?

    This is the first time I've come across any device that actually does this. Right now Bangle.js/Espruino can't do it without firmware mods :(

    There's potentially a hack where you set m_central_conn_handle to m_peripheral_conn_handle in the firmware, but I think it'd be worth handling properly. I've just filed an issue for it here:­ues/1800

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    Yes, I am reasonably certain about this. I have had a look at the Arduino ESP32 implementation of ANCS access and in fact, I have traced its connection protocol with NRf Sniffer and Wireshark and it is pretty clear that the iPhone has both the Master/Central role and that it also provides the service.

    Someone tried to do this for a Puck two years ago -­314651/ - and I am sure this and the fact that you have to advertise the solicited Service UUID is why they failed.

    Resolution of this along the lines you suggest in the issue would be very elegant indeed. I have managed to build the firmware from source, so I may try to hack something in the interim.


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