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  • good to know!! @Robin Thanks

    Do you have any idea how to do read or write on I2C bus with this approach, i mean Inline C code makes a read/write calls to I2C ?

  • Thr 2020.04.09

    While I'm still trying to track down a forum thread, I believe one uses peek and poke registers.

    This was the post, but it is a bit basic using write to a pin, and I never followed through for bi-directional.
    InlineC with NRF52832 on custom board

    Not sure what max time duration during CS will provide, but another idea would be to poll using setInterval. See the second to last line, link in post #4 beneath heading 'Interrupts' print(c.get()); but in your case, have the get() function return some flag or data at that point, to activate the read/parse part in a function.

    I thought I had a forum thread that did what you are after, but it was with a manual clocking of the CS pin with SPI, not I2C. Although this isn't your module, there are some sample snippets to follow. One idea would be to look at the underlying .js code as a template and write your own.


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