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  • Fri 2020.04.03

    Opens a 'Can of Worms'

    I've been patiently waiting since Nov 9, 2019 KickStarter launch to see how this would play out. Surprised it has taken this long.

    Not only is licensing a concern, so is Copyright. Local Country laws are different than International ones. Tradename, Trademark, Intellectual Property Rights. Seriously affects those that would wish to make reference to, or release a book detailing functionality or revealing source code.

    What about someone that created their 'Super-Duper Wham Bam Encrypted Bluetooth Rocket Launcher Interface' and wishes to produce a saleable product? Who provides support? Can that app be launched from the existing page? Do they pay a slotting fee? May they include their own license terms or ignore them all together?

    What if that paid app, or any widget for that matter, interferes with either another app/widget or somehow the underlying firmware. Who is responsible? Who supports?

    What about apps/widgets that don't provide a 'How to Use' or usage examples? Should that be a requirement? Who sets the minimal criteria to get onto the launch page?

    What about variants. Say a developer sees a better feature. Enhances and wants to call it by the same name. Who takes credit? Which author supports?

    What are the rules and restrictions for what can/will be allowed, especially with all the politically correct awareness we face in N.A. What if a child encounters something beneath an adult classification? Prepared for a lawsuit?

    The basic license terms release the aquirer from Copyright worry over free copy and distribution. It does not gurantee exclusion from liability however. The disclaimer is an attachment to the copy distribution terms and has been challenged legally.

    Don't shoot the messenger

    This could be a very long thread discussion indeed. . . .


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