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  • I found a discussion about the URL length limit and that this should be solved with BLE5. Is this (or will this) be available on the Bangle.js?

    It may be in the future, but it isn't at the moment I'm afraid.

    Has somebody code to have an Android app running in the background and act as a BLE HTTP proxy?

    Not that I have come across.

    IMO you're probably better having something that does all the heavy lifting on the phone and then just sends commands down the BLE UART connection. You can do that with DroidScript if you want something simple (­297507/).

    Dave from Droidscript did an example where he grabbed the current KickStarter funding off the website - I've dropped him a message to see if we can post that up.

    What other BLE means are available for an Bangle.js app to connect to an Android app running in the background?

    It's just a standard 'Nordic UART' connection so you can use Nordic's own example app at­oid-nRF-UART

    I'll maybe see what we can do about GadgetBridge - apparently there's some scripting in there for Pebble compatibility. I wonder if I could just open a local TCP/Websocket port on the phone and then maybe a service worker could access it?

  • My idea is to upload GPX files, heart rate data and step data to a website.
    To build something like Google Fit or Garmin Connect.