• Would it help to remove comments?

    Yes. I plan to add the ability to do some simple minification when uploading to the App Loader soon though.

    Hopefully later today I'll fix the app loader issue, so if you hang tight it should just start working.

    How can I put all the images to a second file? Does this have to be a module?

    It doesn't have to be but it might be easier. So assuming you have a getImg function:

    // moonphase-img.js
    exports.getImg = function(i) { ... }
    // moonphase.js
    var getImg = require("moonphase-img.js").getImg;

    should work

  • @Gordon
    I put the images to an images.js file and required in the app:

    var getImg = require("https://github.com/Purple-Tenta­cle/BangleApps/blob/master/apps/moonphas­e/images.js").getImg;

    When I try to upload to bangle I receive a different error message:

    Upload failed, Unexpected response Uncaught SyntaxError: Got var expected EOF

    Is this still the same issue?