• Hello all,
    i am new here in this forum. I received my bangle.js a few days ago and i am experiencing a strange problem which looks like the set time resets itself by minus 2 hours after some time.

    This is how i can reproduce it:

    1. Set time to local (MEST) time (e.g. 10:00) via the settings menu on the watch
    2. Go back to clock / home
    3. Do other stuff besides looking at the watch (it goes to sleep)
    4. After some minutes when i wake up the watch and it shows me 9:00
    5. When i go to settings to set the time it shoes me Hour: 8 (yes 8, not 9!), Minutes: 0, ...
    6. When i now leave the settings without setting the time the clock on the home screen shows me 8:00 as the current time

    This happens every time i set the time.
    I am using Gadgetbridge and i tried both setting "synchronize time" enabled and disabled - no difference here.
    My bangle.js has Version 2v05 with bootloader v0.12, launcher v.01 and settings v0.07.

    I don't know if i am doing something wrong and how i can provide some logs or help debugging this bug.


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