• Doing image string would really push that down further, since all the width : 26, height : 26, bpp : 1, would disappear.

    Actually please could you do:

    function getImg(i) {
      "WaxingCrescentNorth" : "..."
     return {
        width : 26, height : 26, bpp : 1,
        transparent : 0,
        buffer : E.toArrayBuffer(atob(data[i]))

    That would be way more compact, and would use massively less RAM because function code gets executed from Flash

  • Good hint, I worked it in and saved a lot of space and memory.
    The upload still fails and I cannot get the code small enough.

    Two questions:

    1. Would it help to remove comments? Or are they no uploaded anyway?
    2. How can I put all the images to a second file? Does this have to be a module?



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