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  • Some questions around BLE HTTP:

    • I found a discussion about the URL length limit and that this should be solved with BLE5. Is this (or will this) be available on the Bangle.js?
    • Has somebody code to have an Android app running in the background and act as a BLE HTTP proxy?
    • What other BLE means are available for an Bangle.js app to connect to an Android app running in the background?

    Thanks in advance for some hints!

    Use case: I imagine a app which would take the current GPS position and north direction and uses a app on the Android Device (or running in the cloud and being reachabe via the BLE HTTP Proxy on the Android Device) and show me a oriented (OSM) map of my surroundings (eg from, so I don't have to take the phone out to take a quick look at the map.


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