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  • Just as a check, in windows's "Bluetooth & other devices" settings, if you try the "Add Bluetooth or other device", do you see your Bangle?

    Yes. That can see it and pair to it. Web Bluetooth can see it and 'connect', but not get a list of services from it.

    My Android phone (Galaxy S8) can see it, connect, and get a list of services from it.

  • Ok, that's good news. What windows version do you have? Altho, unless you completely disabled updates years ago, it should have working BLE support. Could you try unpairing and disabling Bluetooth on OS level?

    Long shot, but do you have any program, that might interfere? Anything that might use Bluetooth, or even serial (might force itself on Bluetooth devices to look for characteristics it want to use)

    Or as parasquid said, you can try a different OS.

    Edit: Re: @Robin 's list: Tried a Feasycom dongle with external antenna (the one Gordon sells) on my work computer (desktop without built-in bluetooth, win10), and that worked just fine as well.


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