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  • Wed 2020.03.25

    @Raik, thank you for the post #11 Chrome flags link. I tried post #18 @AkosLukacs suggestion along with that Chrome flag. The output does not update on my PC, even though I am paired and connected!

    Both Discovering and Discoverable render a Red 'X' despite being actually connected

    Which brings me to an observation I made six months ago, but no other individuals responded to date.

    Here is a possible explanation as I see a pattern.

    It may not have anything to do with Bangle at all. But the symptoms are the same for Windows10, Chrome and BLE, so I am restating it here to see if collective minds also agree, or observe the nuances for each user.

    Users identified so far:
    @Robin HP Notebook circa 2016 - Absolutely required 4V1 BLE Dongle - even with internal BLE
    @Robin ASUS Laptop Dec 2019 - BLE intermittent see links
    @Paul originator from post #1
    @AkosLukacs but I believe no apparent issues at the moment with updated Win10
    @SLGeertsema post #6 but need confirmation
    @Raik post#11 unsure
    @parasquid post#20 laptop

    I believe I can safely say that all is reliable with Android devices, just not Windows10

    'Failed Connect' issues, with MDBT42Q on Windows10 since last Nov 2019 Win update?

    post #15 Problem with setWatch on MDBT42Q


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