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  • Maybe you can give this a try:­tools/Development-Tools/nRF-Connect-for-­desktop

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get that to do anything at all. it came up with an error straight away. I couldn't even get it to scan for devices.

    I'm going to see if I can pinch a child's laptop and try from that...

    OK. So I nabbed my daughter's laptop (with an Intel Wireless-AC 7265 adapter- which supports Bluetooth v4.2). That had exactly the same problem as mine with the Bangle. (Windows 10, latest Chrome)

    So, to me, that suggests that either there's a weird problem with my Bangle which lets it still work with an Android, or there's an incompatibility between Intel Bluetooth adapters and the Bangle. I'm guessing that if it was the latter, then there'd be a lot more reports of problems.

  • Just as a check, in windows's "Bluetooth & other devices" settings, if you try the "Add Bluetooth or other device", do you see your Bangle?


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