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  • Mention of Chrome version, but not OS.

    Actually he did in his first post:

    (Chrome on Windows 10)

    @Paul: I think Opera is not working with WebBluetooth, I have the same problem with Vivaldi (Opera spin-off).

    There is even an open feature request by @AkosLukacs in the vivaldi forum:­b-bluetooth-support

    I'm having similar issues with an older laptop. Although for me Chrome does not detect my BT dongle that works fine on other PCs.

    You could check chrome://bluetooth-internals

    However I'm not BT expert and I am not sure if this is helpful at all. The adapter tab in Chrome looks like the screenshot attached for me when scanning for devices via the devices tab.

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  • <3 Vivaldi, maybe leave a comment in that thread if you would like to have that feature :)
    BTW it does work in the Vivaldi android app!


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