• Hey guys. I have ported Espruino on Minew E8 beacons and thought maybe someone else could be interested. The beacons are quite cheap and may have numerous applications.

    Beacon are based on nRF52832 and have a CR2032 battery, 1 LED and an accelerometer.
    Device description: https://www.minew.com/bluetooth-beacons/­e8-tag-beacon.html
    Source code: https://github.com/kvasdopil/Espruino/tr­ee/minew-e8

    The device can be easily opened and debug interface pads are accessible. Use any kind of programmer device to attach and replace a bootloader, softdevice and firmware.

    Bootloader and firmware can be built as usual using BOARD=MINEWE8 setting.

    If anyone needs a prebuilt .hex files, just let me know.
    Also i'm not sure if i should create a PR for the code. Probably the device belongs to unmaintained_boards branch, idk what is the projects policy on 3rd party boards that require disassembly and manual reflashing.


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