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  • I got my Bangle yesterday, and I've totally failed to load anything onto it.

    It starts up OK, shows the clock, lets me into the settings, etc, but if I go to I can't do anything.

    I click on Connect (Chrome on Windows 10). It says it's found the Bangle, so I 'pair' it and the button changes to 'Disconnect'. Then, nothing.

    In 'My Apps' a loader image just spins continuously. If I try to upload an app, it just sits there.

    The Chrome console shows :

    puck.js:362 Device Name: Bangle.js 03ed
    puck.js:362 Device ID: Pdexfc2Y7MKARuBL64IT+A==
    puck.js:362 Connected

    and that's it.

    If I try to upload an app, it shows:
    comms.js:14 uploadApp, clock2x3.img,
    puck.js:362 Busy - adding Puck.write to queue

    The watch firmware says it's 2v05. Commit 09aa0d84. Bootloader v0.09, Launcher v0.01, Settings v0.06

    BLE is on. Programmable is on. Debug info is 'hide'.

    I don't know if I'm stupidly missing an important step or if something is wrong?


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