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  • Hi! I think it could be possible the watch was set up in settings to have Bluetooth off. Can you boot it back up to the watch (long-press BTN3), go into settings, and make sure Bluetooth and Programmable are set to on, and Debug messages are set to hide?

    If not it's possible it has managed to get in a state where the settings said to turn Bluetooth off, but then the watch firmware has got removed. Normally you'd be able to hold BTN1 while booting but the way I implemented to bootloader it'll run all the time. If that's the case let me know - I'll have to come up with a new watch firmware that doesn't load the bootloader if BTN1 is pressed.

  • Thank you for such a quick reply!!

    Bluetooth is on! However I cannot get into settings.

    Maybe I can clarify by showing some pictures...

    This is what the watch looks like after pressing B1+B2 and releasing them. I can contact the watch via Bluetooth, but cannot do anything usefull to it.

    This is what happens after long pressing B3. Pressing the other buttons has no effect.

    And after pressing B3 again it looks like this (BLE connected, queueing BLE restart...)

    After this nothing changes, unless I do the B1+B2 reboot again.

    So Bluetooth seems to be on, but not responding as it should. Is the bootloader really being loaded at all?

    Thank you for your patience!!

    Stay safe


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