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  • Your enthusiasm @nsg is welcome, and I can see the benefit of not dealing with return shipping and delays etc. Too tiny for my now non-dexterous fingers and fading eyesight.

    But, consider the scope of this. At least five (posted above) out of say one hundred shipped is five percent failed assemblies that were passed off as good by the assembly house. 5% !! Several hundred are shipped, and the balance remaining most likely boxed. Lot's of effort unboxing, programming, reboxing, labeling, box boxing, trip to the P.O. to ship.

    See update #20 and #22 images­/banglejs-the-hackable-smart-watch/posts­

    And now we are faced with, unboxing, repowering, load a test app, test, make a decision to ship to the potential unhappy purchaser, box, . . . Wash, Lather, Rinse, Repeat, . . . off to the P.O.

    Gordon's efforts would be better served, coding and creating the next Bangle Pro/Deluxe than having to now deal with many days to test out the remaining balance to ship for the K.S. campaign.

    IMO back to the manufacturer and have them apply the fix as it was paid for in the purchase bargain. (even with yet another eight week delay) Personally, I'm tired of the untested crap (even with improvements over the years) that does make it to market that is shipped from that side of the world, as I spend an unbelievable and unnecessary amout of time just in the return shipping process. Capitialism beware, this is what can happen when seeking non- Capitalist low cost, low pride in workmanship alternatives . . . .

    EDIT: second thought, a factory offer of a piezo element and an additional free Bangle along with a rebate of half the value of the K.S. pledge might come close as an offset. Just a thought . . . .   my 0.02 worth


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