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  • Sat 2020.03.21

    Well being one of the earliest to receive a new release @baljo has it's excitement and under some unfortunate circumstances some minor disappointment.

    It appears you may have read post #18 and #22­914/

    as it is indicated Debug Info set to 'Hide'

    Have the troubleshooting steps been followed?­/blob/master/info/Troubleshooting%20Bang­

    Please post the results of process.env so that we may determine if a pattern is starting to reveal itself.

    Does anyone know how to detemine the current version of the AppLoader that is installed?

    'Also, no beeps are heard'

    Have you noticed if others have posted on this, or are you the first?

    Tried to manually sound the piezo?­beep

    re: 'Edit: The few times when I'm able to pair, I get this message after a couple of seconds: 'Device connection failed, undefined''

    I have absolutely no idea if this pertains to Bangle.js but, I've been plagued with this type of issue (BLE) runninng Win10 using the MDBT42Q breakout board. I outlined steps in­342204/#comment15045875

    of the only way I am able to recover when that happens to my setup. Still have been waiting to see if other have the same issue with Win10, but few (none) have piped in yet. I may have a shortcut of just selecting 'Add New Device' as under some circumstances, leaving the board powered up does sometimes work.

    Does following a combination of those steps allow recovery for the Bangle?


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