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  • Tue 2020.02.11

    ref #11 'You do not show any wiring info (nor what Espruino board you are using)'

    To @allObjects, was mentioned in 2nd pp. post #1

    'Right now, I am using puck.js as board, but later I will use the MDBT42Q board'

    but, I too also notice the anomalies in code block from post #8

    Salvatore, @user109290 we asked back in post #2 for a bit of info. Would you please enter process.env in the Left-Hand console side of the WebIDE and post the results please. This will provide loads of detail, a quick snapshot overview, for us to provide the best solution for your project.

    ref post #10 'Yes, I am talking about this error.'

    Which of the three errors was this comment in reference to? Three were detailed in post #9

    Salvatore, @allObjects has spent a considerable amount of time fleshing out a solution which while entertaining at times, does become a big time sink. From the data sheet provided, while there may be a breakout board variant, I'm not easily grasping the wiring to the devices that have been specified either. Lets make sure we are all on the same page, okay? process.env first and then an image of the wiring would be nice.

  • HI Robin, sorry for my lack in information. Right now I am using the breakout board of the module VL6180X by Adafruit ( I am using the puck.js board, the wiring is as follow:

    • SDA to D1
    • SCL to D2
      -GPIO0 to D31
      -Power to 3V
      -Ground to GND
      They are directly connected, since the breakout board should allow it. The wiring seems to be correct, since I made it working and I checked them using the multimeter.

    The result of the command process.env is:

      "VERSION": "1v99",
      "GIT_COMMIT": "f0d66ba",
      "BOARD": "PUCKJS",
      "FLASH": 524288, "RAM": 65536,
      "SERIAL": "6ddd0f13-64ec2540",
      "CONSOLE": "Bluetooth",
      "MODULES": "Flash,Storage,net" ... "S,crypto,neopixel",
      "EXPTR": 536882352 }

    I believe that the hints given by allObjects can lead me to write a right code. It is my first project using the Espruino IDE and I am totally new to JavaScript, therefore I wrongly approached the problem as I was working with Arduino or any C-based processor.
    Thank you for your help and I again apologize if I have been shallow in my previous posts.


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