• Thanks for the help. I changed my code in this way, but I still have the overflow error. I do not really know why there is still this error, since the module works perfectly fine with Arduino, whit a library having the same logic flow of the one I built for Espurino.

    var sensor1;
    var I2C1 = new I2C();
    function onTimer() {
      var l1 = sensor1.readRange();
      console.log("Sensor 1: "+ l1 +" mm");
    function initHW(){
      digitalWrite(D31, 0);
      I2C1.setup({sda:D1, scl:D2, bitrate:400000});
    function initSensor(){
      console.log('Initialazing sensor');
      digitalWrite(D31, 1);
      sensor1 = require("https://github.com/SalvoCas/Esp­ruinoDocs/blob/master/devices/VL6180X.js­").connect(I2C1);
    function doStart(){
      setTimeout(function() {}, 1);
      var status = sensor1.readRangeStatus();
      if(status == 0){
        setInterval(onTimer, 500);
        console.log('Error number: '+ status);
    function onInit(){
    setTimeout(onInit, 999);

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