• Hi everyone, I am using this sensor for my project. I looked at the libraries in internet and it seems that there is nothing targeting this module, therefore I write it by my own, following the structures of the libraries of two modules of the same family (VL53L0X and VL53L1X). My code is available on GItHub: https://github.com/SalvoCas/EspruinoDocsĀ­/blob/master/devices/VL6180X.js

    Right now, I am using puck.js as board, but later I will use the MDBT42Q board. I am able to use the sensor on Arduino, but it is not working using the puck, so I think the problem is on the code I wrote. Still, I could not figure the problem out, so I am asking if anyone knows where is the problem.

    I am having various issues. Firstly, the status of the sensor says that it goes on overflow, giving me 15 as error. Then, I tried to an if to control if the device is correctly read on the VL6180X function, but it is not.

    Thanks to everyone that will take a look at it!

  • Wed 2020.02.05

    @user109290, nicely written and tidy module Salvatore.

    While I'm not likely to provide sufficient insight to continue, for the others to assist, would you provide the links to the sensor datasheet(s), the Arduino tutorial and of course, the current version of Espruino. process.env

    A snippet of the calls made to your module, the errors and a simple wiring/hookup detail would be needed. Thanks


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