• @Robin had to retry it a couple times before the image appeared. Did the same thing yesterday, but had no luck back then. Anyway, the image is now attached.

    @MaBe I can give it a go on the weekend if you have anything specific in mind to try out. Thank you for the Github issue!

    @Gordon sounds logical. This "hack" solves my problem here, because the longer edges are simply ignored by the modem. But I'm just lucky with my situation, other use cases might not be so forgiving.

  • Mon 2020.01.20

    @nistvan.86 glad that worked, but a bit of a mis-communication. My belief was that multiple upload of images was the issue, and intended to have the subsequent upload in post #7 rather than a replace of your remote account. That said, it appears the issue was with the actual file then?

    @Gordon, regarding post #12, what are the limitations, and what is the range of pulse creation using digitalPulse() please. Is the implication that only a 1msec be the shortest width pulse at a 1KHz rate be all that may be created then? I thought I read (but unable to locate, and unable to reproduce) that 1usec pulse widths were possible at a 1MHz rate?


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