• @ConorONeill thanks for the heads up... I was having trouble with my dev environment, first OSX baulked, but I don't have full XCode (only bare minimum) installed, so I thought I would try Linux.

    Then my linux box baulked, someone has messed the apt-repository index files and it won't install anything.

    So my third step was to setup a Pi... This is where I had left it until I saw your note. Will proceed with caution.

    Any alternates you know of?

    @AkosLukacs yeah I think all I need to do it stick the self signed cert into the Trusted Keystore, now if I could only find a reliable documentation on how to do that on OSX. The cert generated by OSX Keystore isn't accepted by http-server (node app) and the one generated by openssl isn't accepted into the Keystore atm.

    Might come back to this if Noble fails.


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