• While Web BLE is simply genius when it comes to ease of using pre-built development tools, I want to build a 'server' side app/tool to suck up all data from my Bangle watch. Web BLE's valid https cert requirement is really getting in the way at the moment for me.

    I just want a Node console application that connects to my Bangle JS and pulls existing files (created by my BangleJS App on the watch).

    I saw the example of using Puck.js over Web BLE, can I do something like that without Web BLE? Say I pair my watch with my laptop, can I use simple NodeJS to pull files over Bluetooth? Any guidance is appreciated. It need not be Bangle JS specific, any Espruino sample will do.


  • I used web-ble on localhost without issues.
    Either there is an exception for localhost, or had a valid https cert, not sure right now. Maybe used dotnet serve as it has https?
    One simplistic way would be to check out some of the Puck.js' tutorials, and just hack away in the console. Loaded from https -> Web BLE is happy :)
    Or clone & host it on github pages -> free and easy https & hosting & source control. Commit when you reach something semi-stable. Unless it's secret / sensitive / private. Of course than don't host it on any public site!

    If you try noble: read the docs and node docs, last time I checked it only worked on node 8. Might be better now.


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