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  • Yes, it's definitely possible as long as they use an nRF52 chipset. @fanoush actually has a port to the ridiculously cheap DS-D6 smartband that predates Bangle.js and there is a port in GitHub to the F5 smartwatch which was something I considered before the F18 used for Bangle.js.

    There's a bit of work to do to make them as clean as Bangle.js though - there's been a lot of work put in to the display and to make sure you can always recover Bangle.js if you write bad code and for instance that won't be in DS-D6.

    I think if choosing a watch you'd need to be a bit careful about the screen. As PineTime have elegantly illustrated if you have a high res screen that's just connected via SPI it's extremely difficult to get it to run fast.

    However as I hinted at in that thread, there are some really interesting-looking watches with always-on screens that could be a good target for future Espruino devices


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