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    really slick and lean solution...

    Be though aware that any excessive statics may push your BLE device over the edge since it is now directly connected to the 'outside'. With proper sequence of 'connecting', I see though no issue (in regard to attached drawing):

    • 1. Touch and hold 'touch 1 - g / GND - first
    • 2. Touch and hold 'touch 2 - a / Analog input - second
    • 3. Touch and hold 'touch 3 - 3.3 V or analog output pint - third
    • 4. Let go 'touch 1' - g / GND - fourth

    You may flip 3. and 4. to avoid 'current go thru body'.

    Furthermore, your BLE device has to be floating: no (other galvanic) connection to the body (not even via a possible power supply line) - last but not least for safety reasons.

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