• Welcome back and congratulations to you both Gordon!! I hope everyone is thriving.

    Not a hugely important one but it's hitting everyone we've given a Bangle.js to:

    The Flappy Bird app.js code runs fine on a Bangle.js if you paste it into the Web IDE and run from RAM (or use the emulator) but when I install it as an app from the App Loader (or create an offline version of it), it hangs on "Loading..." if I try to launch it.

    Commenting out


    strangely worked but obviously resulted in a trashed display. No errors being shown anywhere so not sure where to look further.

    I did see

    Execution Interrupted
    New interpreter error: LOW_MEMORY,MEMORY

    once in the Web IDE after pasting Bangle.setLCDMode("120x120"); directly but that may just be a coincidence.

    I also changed the code not to use onInit(); in case that was causing some issue but that was a red herring.

    Is there some behaviour difference between that code running from RAM and running from Flash?

    I've tried multiple firmware versions including today's nightly but no joy.


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