• First things first: did you manage to update to the latest FW?

    There are three things, and feels like some confusion:

    • Bootloader in the "boot" folder - Does almost all the things you want "This is needed by Bangle.js to automatically load the clock, menu, widgets and settings". Press the middle button to launch it. Shows a graphical list of installed apps, and it's here where you can launch the apps. Including "Settings" and "App manager". It's the setWatch starting at line #9 that does launch the app menu.
      If you are inside the app menu, at line 80 there is even a comment // run that sets watch on button 2 to launch the current app.
    • Settings in the "setting" folder - Launch from the bootloader's app list. Make your watch connectable, set time and timezone, choose clock, LCD timeout, beep & vibrate, HID...
    • App manager in the "files" folder - You can erase apps and compact storage. That's it.
  • Sun 2020.01.05

    Good Morning and thank you @AkosLukacs for the detailed instructions. I know it takes a considerable amount of time to detail accurately, and that is surely appreciated. My hope is that others will benefit, and/or someone has had the same experience that might be able to provide a solution.

    'First things first: did you manage to update to the latest FW?'

    We briefly discussed that in post:


    ver 2v04.218

    Only a cutting edge build, 2v04.84 would be more recent:


    I'm holding off on that, as with my last fiasco(s) with OTA updates, leaving me without hardware until a resolution was found, forces me into a position not to flash new firmware without a fully functioning backup device. Need to Code  As I finally have a menu displayed on this Beta unit, and felt having that to provide support was more of a priority than getting a cutting edge build, am holding off until my release Bangle arrives in March.

    'and feels like some confusion'

    Yes, there is a disconnect. I believe your unit is not one from the KS campaign. I now have a working Beta KS unit that was used with the EU workshop, and I'm going back over that:


    My presumption is that as they had functionality then and as 80 Beta KS units were sent out, that the installed firmware would behave the same way. The confusion is that I don't appear to see the same output, as what the tutroials and the workshop content show. I also realize most, if not all is under constant updating, so some issues might result.

    'Shows a graphical list of installed apps, and it's here where you can launch the apps. Including "Settings" and "App manager". '

    By 'graphical list, do you mean linear text list as ordered below? 'Graphical' to me means shapes, which I don't believe is the concept attempted to be conveyed. e.g. displayed on a LCD screen, not the WebIDE console

    'it's here where you can launch the apps'

    Not for me.

    As mentioned in the other thread, I have installed the latest bootloader and AppManger.
    Pressing BTN2 after boot with the Espruino logo displayed, brings up the following:

    My device shows:

    • BLE
    • Programmable
    • LCD Timeout
    • Beep
    • Vibration
    • Select Clock
    • Time Zone
    • HID
    • HID Gestures
    • Debug
    • Set Time
    • Make Connectable
    • Reset
    • Turn Off
    • < Back


    The only away from menu selection that works is 'Back' which does take me to the installed clock, but then the watch is stuck. Only a BTN1+BTN2 reset works at this point.

    While I am able to install a different clock, there isn't an option to launch an app. Therefore in the continuing confusion, the need to start this thread.


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