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  • Comparison shot and schema show differences... in number of components (resistors) as well as values...

    But nice of this this breakout board design it that - when solder jumper SJ1 (LED) is cut, LED can be controlled / reused externally... - thinking now about the reaction game with multiple sensors with LEDs turning on randomly and have to be turned of by touching as quickly as possible... (and: @DrAzzy: non-wearing pin ball exit lane sensor! ...worth a try... never heard back from @matencio ...)

  • 'non-wearing pin ball exit lane sensor'

    Wouldn't a hall effect transistor detecting the metal ball be a better option?

    'never heard back from'

    and after all that work! Prototype, 300 lines of code, pics, vids, a fully working example handed to him to boot. After (circa end of Feb) a week of no response to his PM, I made the assumption that the two of you were working together off forum to complete his project.

    Not a total loss @allObjects as I learned some coding techniques! Maybe use for the next Espruino Instructables feature?


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