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    Espruino boards are known for running for ever on a battery with low duty cycles of full operation.

    This makes Espruino boards very suitable for wearable products, because the battery can be relatively small and light weight, and therefore the wearable is very comfortable to ware - very wearable.

    Other applications are remote, difficult to reach or sealed devices that have to take once in a while a measurement, temporary store the value(s), and may be, transmit them on demand or in bundles on a schedule.

    Even if the devices have a sleep or deep sleep mode, they consume power. Some circuits use voltage dividers that draw constantly current when device is powered. It makes though no sense to keep things alive in down cycles - between periods of activity.

    Espruino hardware and firmware makes it very easy to control power consumption by the application code, and circuits can be built with equally low power consumption that can wake up Espruino on adhoc / external events - not just internally scheduled events.

    An example with thorough data and discussion of it is to be found in this conversation about GPS powered by Espruino pin(s) - pics attached (regarding time line: second graph had separate, own first graph... looking at the shown first graph with power on and finding one fix is inconsistent with the 6 minutes and 15 seconds to go to the 2nd fix make no sense shown in the second graph).

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