• This is likely a very local issue with my environment, just chucking it out to see if anyone else has had it.
    I am running Chromium on OSX and my Web BLE connects reliably if I have just restarted BangleJS. After that, I deploy an App, run the app, then want to make tweaks, so I commit change to Github, hit refresh on the github.io page for my Apps, and the connection is lost. So far so good. Now when I say pair again, it hardly ever connects to BangleJS the second time (the device isn't listed as available in the pairing window). This is irrespective of whether I have crashed my app or not.

    I have to go into the Setup app, turn Bangle off, turn it back on, and it detects and connects again.

    Again, very likely, a local environment issue, but has anyone else encountered this out in the wild?

    I'll test on Raspberry Pi later and see if I have the same issue. Could just be my Chromium build.


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