• Font when used is always related to graphics (register with Graphics after loading). The reason it started out with the 4x6 font is the memory consumption by (larger) loadable bit map fonts. 4x6 font is dedicated implemented in graphics (proprietary - other than the other bit map fonts - storage structure and render code). There are thoughts to make 4x6 be treated same as 6x8 and 6x8 used instead 4x6. Having it not fixed built into Graphics and the option to 'remove'/'exchange' it would be nice. Having it optional would free up enough space to total with less increase of memory footprint when (just) using 6x8.

    Espruino history speaking - AFAIK - The bit map fonts as modules came after vector font and the Graphics built-in 4x6 font.,, @Gordon would know for sure,


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