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  • Fri 2019.12.06

    I did a quick update of post #1

    Hi @user106443, now that the 504 Gatway errors (main web site fine just forum) are over (2 hour wait 9-11pm CST) I'm able to respond.

    From the line of calling code in post #1, it appears you are well versed and may have already persued this help page:


    'is there simple way around this'

    James, I don't want to mislead with the unknown, I just don't have enough experience with Node or NPM to provide a suitable response.

    'the module i am trying to use if the wrong type'

    However, I dare try:

    My S.W.A.G. response, would changing the extention of the node file to .js and placing maually in the \Modules folder work?

    Should the above link not provide enough detail, and a running example is still required, I could whip together a sample demo 'Hello World' test page if that would help.


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