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  • Did hit the same issue when developing the graphics for the ui elemets in the ui framework: a drawing of the shape looks perfect... filling it messes it up... reason for it, i guess is, that the 'rounding' - wether to turn on a pixel or not - fails on the + side / edges of the shape relative to the (x) axis. That's one reason. The other is that on low resolution per shape - such as on a Pixl.js - every single pixel matters for how the shape is perceived. I tried to draw the shape and then fill it with a filled shape with dimensions of one less pixle... It helped to a certain extent... but was not cheap... so I dropped the idea and went more for having different sets of vertices to get better results - as much as possible. But as hinted: happens only on low resolution.

    @Gordon, wanted to raise that a bit back, but knowing what was going on at that time, I shelved it for - may be - looking into it myself... (with slim chance to that happen... ever(?)... :


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