• Sun 2019.12.01

    'if you have a tablet, that most likely has BLE too'

    Answered that in second sentence in post #17 Three year old device recognizes PC but doesn't recognize BLE devices.

    'AFAIK, you don't need a SIM card to use wifi'

    Isn't the SIM card integral in allowing/exposing the MAC address in order to comm with other devices via any means? I was under the impression that mfg's protected their products this way.

  • Ah, ok, forgot about #17...

    My phone has different bluetooth and Wifi MAC addresses, different IP address when on mobile and on wifi. Those are independent.
    On power up it asks for SIM PIN, to prevent unauthorized access. But with a wifi only tablet, you don't have a SIM card at all, and can still use wifi.


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